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The competition consists of few phases. The winners in each category are determined by the jury via voting. The jury takes into consideration all the provided documents, the additional information gathered via research and interviews, as well as the opinion of the jury members.

Phase 1 –  Nomination  / Self-nomination

During this phase nominations for each category will be gathered. Self-nominations are permitted. Nominations and self-nominations could be done through the website of the competition. Nominations button. Only BAPM members can be nominated.

Nomination period:  1 September - 1 October 2014

Phase 2 – Applying for an Award

A BAPM representative will contact each of the nominees to confirm his/her nomination. He/she will be asked to submit a CV /for the individual categories/ and an application form /by template/.

Deadline for gathering all the documents required:  6 October 2014

Phase 3 – Studying

All applications and supporting documents will be submitted to the jury for consideration.  If necessary the jury will conduct telephone interviews with applicants, in order to make sure the criteria are observed.

Period of implementation:  7 October 2014  – 24 October 2014

Phase 4 – Announcement of Shortlisted candidates

After the jury has made the selection of the shortlisted candidates for each category, a BAPM representative will contact all of them in order to ask for additional documents and proves. The shortlisted candidates will be announced on the competition’s site. Their application forms will also be published.

Period of implementation: 27 October 2014 – 31 October 2014

Phase 5 – Detailed Studying of the Shortlisted candidates

The Jury considers all collected additional documents and proves and conducts interviews / by telephone or personal/ with the shortlisted candidates.

Period for implementation:  3 November 2014 – 15 December 2014

Phase 6 – Decision of the Jury

Through voting the Jury decides the winner in each category.

Deadline:  15 December 2014

The names of the winners will be kept in secret and will be announced during the special award ceremony and the New Year Party of BAPM – January 2015.

Members of the jury /in Bulgarian alphabetic order/:

Vanya Kaneva Vanya Kaneva
HR Director, CEZ Bulgaria
Ventsislav Savov Ventsislav Savov
Business Editor, "Manager" magazine
Vladimir Borachev Vladimir Borachev
Certified coach in people management, motivation and development
Dobromira Manasieva Dobromira Manasieva
HR Director, VIVACOM
Ekaterina Kararizova Ekaterina Kararizova
HR Director, Schneider Electric Bulgaria
Ekaterina Popova Ekaterina Popova
Expert in the National Centre for Competence Assessment to the Bulgarian Industrial Association
Zhechko Dimitrov Zhechko Dimitrov
Program Director, BIA
Zlatina Mihaylova Zlatina Mihaylova
Organisation Development Manager, denkstatt
Milen Markov Milen Markov
Executive director, Saglasie
Miroslav Dolaptchiev Miroslav Dolaptchiev
Managing Partner, IBS Bulgaria
Natasha Tzvetkova Natasha Tzvetkova
Head of HR, National Oncology Hospital
Paulina Georgieva Paulina Georgieva
Managing Director, Taurus Consultants
Plamen Vushev Plamen Vushev
RositsaToneva RositsaToneva
Human Resources Director, Fibank
Svetlana Valeva Svetlana Valeva
Chief People & Culture Officer, XS Software
Tanya Stivasareva Tanya Stivasareva
Lawyer, Manager in "Ernst & Young"
Yana Petkova Yana Petkova
Senior Manager, KPMG Bulgaria

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