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The first phase of the Annual HR Awards 2014 competition is the Nomination phase. During this stage you will have the opportunity to make nominations for all categories. You can nominate your colleagues or your team. Self-nominations are also permitted.

Nominations/Self-nominations will be gathered until 1 October 2014.

Here you can make your nomination/self-nomination for all categories in the competition. The information boxes for the nominator are obligatory. Your data, as a nominator, will not be announced. When you select the category for which you would like to make a nomination the information boxes for your nominee (person or company) will open automatically. These boxes are obligatory. After receiving your nomination, a representative of BAPM office will contact your nominee in order to check of he/she agrees to participate in the competition . Then a set of supporting documents will be asked from him/her.
Only BAPM members can be nominated.

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